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3 min readFeb 28, 2022
CryptoPol News

The project is at its genesis point, and everything is being put in place to start as efficiently as possible. As the project rolls out according to our roadmap, we hope to have a lot of engaging dialogue between community members. We also expect that there will be a lot of questions.

It is not an easy task to support a newly emerging community during the early phases of its development, as it requires several key tasks.

  1. We must patiently build the trust of members. That means providing quick results, quick feedback and the delivery of quality products.
  2. We must establish a welcoming tone in the community forums. Anyone who has spent any time on social media knows how easy it is for conflict to erupt. We need quality moderation to allow maximum dialogue while eliminating abusive or inflammatory messages within community forums.

While the CryptoPol News team will be active in the forums as much as we possibly can, we have to manage many moving parts across many time zones. We simply cannot be available 24/7 for this role.

For that reason, we are looking to recruit Telegram moderators who can help us to build the community and set the tone from day 1. Does developing a free press and using the power of the blockchain to realize this interest you? Are you good with responding to questions and managing (virtual) conflict?

You don’t have to worry that you will be left on your own. The group is always monitored closely by the team.

Your role on the Telegram group will mean being active every day and helping others with questions they may have, but also to help us remove spam or posts that do not abide by our community guidelines.

We certainly do not expect from you to be connected 24/7, but you would be expected to take an active role.

In return, we have drafted a compensation plan to reward you for your efforts to help us increase and sustain the community.

The reward for the moderator will be transferred on the last day of every month if you are active and regularly participating in the online community. The reward will increase each month during the first six months; the longer you do a good job, the greater the rewards will be.

If everything is going well after six months, we can privately discuss the next steps.

If you want to be considered, fill out the registration questionnaire at the end of this article and if you fit our needs, we will be in touch!

If you have applied for a role and are taking an active role in the telegram group, but unfortunately you were not asked to be a moderator, don’t worry there are still other ways to get some $CPNEWS tokens. Just continue to be a strong member and you will be rewarded.

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