CryptoPol News introduces w3Bedrock

CryptoPol News Communication
2 min readApr 15, 2022 -

As originally planned, CryptoPol News aims to build, with its ecosystem, a set of tools that empower people’s freedom through verifiable and reliable information.

The team decided to rework the roadmap and first push the ecosystem tools that could go live soon after the token’s launch alongside the most complex developments required by the CryptoPol News platform.

w3Bedrock will then become the first to be born ecosystem platform which will involve the CPNEWS token.

we3bedrock is our Global cross-chains risk data and due diligence services for managing reputational risks and safety with decentralized projects. It can be reached at which is currently under construction.

The services that are being built with w3bedrock are:

Decentralized projects Rating services

Our team of analyst will gradually review all web3 projects, perform a full due diligence and, as a first step, propose a fair assessment in the form of a rating. Once the voting app is available, the owner of the CPNEWS token will play a major role in validating the proposed rating.

This ratings will undoubtedly certify projects as reliable when they reach the highest level of certification.

KYC / KYB services

We also deploy a compliant KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) services to protect the users, the investors, the project owners and the Service providers.

Most of the available KYC/KYB services available today do not give enough guarantees to all stakeholders involved in the decentralized projects. Combined with rating services, it aims to enhance the quality and the reliability of existing and new projects created.

Data Aggregation services

As Data Aggregation Service providers, we aim to create a fact-based, verified cross-chain watch list to alert investors, service providers and authorities when a scam project is confirmed. Combined with the previous services, we plan to provide people involved in new w3 project with the right information they can rely on.

w3bedrock is under development and first releases are planned for the summer 2022, even earlier if the required quality is met.