CryptoPol News ($CPNEWS) Airdrop

CryptoPol News Communication
2 min readApr 5, 2022

CryptoPol News Bounty Airdrop prize of 50,000,000 $CPNEWS, open until April 10, 2022 - 5pm GMT

CryptoPol News is launching its $CPNEWS token as it builds the infrastructure of a Decentralized News Ecosystem to push back against growing global restrictions to press freedom.

On top of its social program and ahead of its Fair launch which is scheduled to start on April 7, 2022, CryptoPol News has decided to reward again early adopters and active community members by completing easy social tasks that will support the project. By completing these easy tasks 500 lucky winners will earn each 100,000 $CPNEWS.

How to join the CryptoPol News Bounty Airdrop?

Requirement: Twitter account + Telegram account (with Username) +Bsc wallet

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Follow
  2. Like, Retweet this tweet and Tag 5 friends
  3. Join CryptoPol news telegram official chat
  4. Fill in the form

Only one single participation is authorized. If we found multiple registration with same data (telegram Username, bsc address, twitter account, twitter post …) only one will randomly be kept.

50,000,000 $CPNEWS will be shared between 500 randomly chosen supporters that have completed all the tasks mentioned above. This Airdrop action will end on April 10, 2022 5pm UTC and $CPNEWS token will be distributed as of May12, 2022. You can ask questions about it in our telegram channel.

We also have reserved additional 10,000,000 $CPNEWS to be proportionally shared between those that have referred the most.

Minimum required participants to the airdrop : 150.

CryptoPol News Team

How to see my $CPNEWS when the Airdrop action and distribution will end?

Please add $CPNEWS (Bsc contract: 0xe594E6858CdF0A1072703577E9169F161b8f1b37) to your wallet to see yours when the distribution will end.


If you are not familiar with MetaMask, here below a link to help you to set it up so you can find and see your $CPNEWS :

  1. Install MetaMask and setup BSC network (Mainnet), if you don’t have it, please follow these instructions
  2. Add $CPNEWS custom token to your wallet (Bsc Network):

Trust Wallet

If you are not familiar with Trust Wallet, here below a link to help you to set it up so you can find and see your $CPNEWS: